Just a few things I've seen recently

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I’ve been really busy with client work recently but I have managed to set aside some time every day for reading and browsing. Here are some some interesting links I’ve seen in my web travels:

  • There are some great examples cited in 22 Examples of Fixed Position Navigation in Web Design. I’ve been thinking about fixed position elements for a redesign of CVW Web Design recently and I think this article has finally convinced me.
  • The Expressive Web is a show case of CSS3 and HTML5 features from Adobe. The site looks great and is quite interactive with a useful browser support summary at the bottom of each page/feature.
  • CSS Wizardry aka Harry Roberts posted a useful tip about Borders on Responsive Images. Nice one!
  • CSS buttons are more and more popular and CSS3 Buttons highlights a few examples. You just wouldn’t think that no images were used here!
  • There are some beautiful web design examples given in Phil Matthews’ Web Design Inspiration #3

That’s all for now.

CSS can do some great things these days

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Here’s a short round-up of some CSS methods that I’ve been impressed with recently:

There’s some inspiring work in these examples!

Links for light reading 13-9-10

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Every so often, I post a few links to interesting sites that I have seen on my travels around the web. If you would like to see more of this type of post, let me know in the comments. Anyway, here’s a few for this month:

I’ll probably post a few nicely designed website examples for the next one of these.

Links for light reading 30-6-10

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Here are a few links from around the web that I have spotted recently:

  • If you ever receive spreadsheet data from a client and get asked to ‘just add this to our website’, you might be interested in Tableizer which converts spreadsheet data to HTML tables.
  • Bounce is a new web app for giving quick feedback on a web page. It’s a great way of sharing comments on a website! Here’s an example I made earlier.
  • Test your website before launch with Launchlist.
  • Meaningful Mark-up: Posh and Beyond is an excellent article on semantic mark-up and the benefits for you and your clients.

Quite a diverse list I think you’ll agree…!

HTML5 links for light reading

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I have been reading a lot more about HTML5 recently and also considering whether to start using it ‘in anger’. Here are a few useful HTML5 links:

The more I read about HTML5, the more I want to use it. I plan to build my next personal site with HTML5.

jQuery links for light reading

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Some recent articles on jQuery from around the web:

CSS links for light reading

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A few goodies from my CSS reading list: