Social Hiking - a great web app!

Posted in on 28 March 2011 | Comments

I use quite a few web applications and increasingly I am tying them into my non-web activities away from the office. In that vein, over the last year or so, I’ve been using Social Hiking which is a web application developed by Phil Sorrell (@daylightgambler). I’ve not blogged about this before (except indirectly in ViewRanger GPS for Cycling) but I think it’s a great app. Here’s my description and experiences with it so far.

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Website inspiration: Colour and coffee

Posted in on 28 December 2009 | Comments [1]

I collect website screen shots in a Flickr set called Website Inspiration. I use the screen shots to remind myself of some fantastic website designs that I see on my travels round the web. Each design has aspects that I love, for example the colour scheme, the typography, or even one specific element that I think works really well. I have never really featured the websites or screen shots on this blog in any detail so this is the first of what I hope will be a series of regular posts that highlights some outstanding website designs. Up this week are Rainbeau Mars and Art in My Coffee

Rainbeau Mars screenshot Art in my Coffee screenshot

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Make your own podcasts with Huffduffer

Posted in on 21 April 2009 | Comments [2]

I often discover audio files on the web that I just don’t have time to listen to at the time. What I need is an easy mechanism of saving them so that I can listen later. I think I have found the website that does just that.

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Spock searches for people on the Internet

Posted in on 20 January 2008 | Comments

Spock logoSpock is a relative newcomer on the search engine scene. It provides people-based searching combined with elements of social networking and other modern website practices like tagging and voting. By signing up to Spock, you can 'claim' your search results which can allow you to shape what people see when they search for your name.

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Websites for freelancers

Posted in on 10 October 2007 | Comments [1]

I try and keep up with quite a few websites by subscribing to their RSS feeds. Recently, I have discovered a couple of websites that are aimed primarily at freelancers/web workers.

  • Web Worker Daily - very easy to read articles including reviews of web software, hardware, working methods, and personal organisation.
  • Freelance Switch - nicely designed site that includes articles, jobs board, and forum.

Both websites offer a wealth of information and tips and tricks for the freelancer or home office worker.

Upcoming event planning

Posted in on 16 July 2007 | Comments

I visit quite a few websites on a regular basis (or subscribe to their RSS feeds) but a website I am using more and more is Upcoming which is a social event calendar website that is part of the Yahoo empire. The website has been around for some time but it's only relatively recently that I have 'discovered' it.

Upcoming makes it dead easy to keep track of events, sign up for events, add events to your web or desktop calendar with a single click, make contacts and friends, and see what events your friends are attending etc etc. It all works really well.

It's also possible to add your own event and this provides a great opportunity for event planners, or anyone else, to publicise an event. Upcoming is great for this but I started to wonder how many people are missing out because they are not 'web-knowledgeable' enough. I talk to many people about websites and often come across blank looks when I mention this or the other website that I saw recently. Perhaps I am just a geek but I also wonder whether there is a two-tier society developing between heavy web users and people who do not use the web much or at all?

Maybe this is too 'deep' for a Monday morning? Anyway, if you want a great socal event planner website, try Upcoming.

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Top three newspaper websites

Posted in on 14 May 2007 | Comments

Once upon a time, there were rumours that the web would kill off traditional newspaper editions. This has not happened but, over recent years, broadsheet newspaper websites in the UK have started to take the web more and more seriously. This is reflected in their websites which are usually fine examples of how to organise and display a wealth of information and change it on a regular basis. Here's my top three UK newspaper websites.

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Twitter - what's it all about?

Posted in on 6 March 2007 | Comments [2]

Twitter is a website that has received quite a buzz. However, I must admit that it is not something that immediately says to me 'I must join'.

Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends.

Hmmmm. Sounds like the potential for a lot of trivia. More excuses for text messaging. I guess it depends on what type of person you are. For me, I think I have enough to do without texting 'Off to the shops now'.

Perhaps I am not seeing the full picture here. I'm always a bit of a 'late adopter' though.


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Free fonts from Urban Fonts

Posted in on 28 February 2007 by Clive Walker


Urban Fonts is a fonts showcase website that offers free fonts, commercial fonts, and dingbats in an attractive, modern, blue and green website design. There's a slightly Web 2.0 look to the site with a familiar tag cloud of popular searches - and there are over 8000 fonts that you can browse, search, and preview.

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Email campaigns made easy

Posted in on 12 February 2007 by Clive Walker


In recent weeks, I have been using Campaign Monitor to manage a small email newsletter for one of my own websites. I have to say I'm impressed. Campaign Monitor provides an easy-to-use interface which makes it a snap to set-up subscriber sign-ups from your website, import subscribers, design and import HTML and/or text content for the emails, and send campaigns. Best of all, it provides detailed statistics for each and every campaign you send.

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