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Using JavaScript for enhancing CSS support in Internet Explorer

Posted in on 18 January 2010 | Comments [5]

One of the subjects that I have been keeping an eye on recently is the use of JavaScript to enhance support for more advanced CSS methods in Internet Explorer (IE). We all know that, despite some big improvements, Internet Explorer 8 does not support some of the newer CSS properties used by Firefox and Safari, which tend to lead the way in this respect.

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CSS links for light reading

Posted in on 8 January 2010 | Comments [1]

A few goodies from my CSS reading list:

Advanced CSS we CAN use today

Posted in on 20 December 2009 | Comments [1]

Christmas presents with different colours

There have been several articles recently that describe advanced CSS methods, usually part of the CSS3 specification (CSS3 Info), and how these push the boundaries of what we can do with CSS. There are some great examples including:

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Plans for this blog in 2010?

Posted in on 14 December 2009 | Comments

I have been thinking about what I might do with this blog next year because I want to do something that would be (for me) a bit different. I have been wanting to redesign for a while and here’s an idea that I am considering.

Firstly, I’d quite like to strip the style sheet down to a more slimline version of what I have now. Over the years, I have added more to the style sheet without removing or redefining the style sheet ‘fluff’ as much as I could have. As a result, I feel that it is becoming a bit bloated with style rules that are no longer used… or that are not used as optimally as they might be.

Secondly, I would like to try out new styles so my plan would be to create a new style for the blog every month. The basic HTML would remain the same or similar with each iteration but the style sheet would change 12 times over the year. I am not sure I can keep this up for the whole year, or even how different the styles will be, but it sounds like an interesting thing to do and it might encourage me to experiment a bit more.

My initial idea would be to start with a base style sheet and modify this throughout the year. Perhaps Andy Clarke’s universal IE6 style sheet would be a starting point? It was designed for a different purpose but has a core set of typographical styles that could be a good ‘baseline’.

I will not be going so far as to create a new style for every blog post but I figure that once a month might be possible. Anyway, before I decide whether to do this, let me know if you have any thoughts or comments. All ideas or feedback considered.

Attribute selectors for image styles

Posted in on 3 December 2009 | Comments

I have been reading several articles recently, and reminding myself, about attribute selectors. In case you’re wondering, attribute selectors in your style sheet allow you to style an element based on an attribute and value. This means that you can set-up style rules without the need to add class names to your (X)HTML. Cool! For example, you could style all external links by using a selector that targets the href attribute and matches any href value beginning with “http”.

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