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dConstruct 07 reviewed

Posted in on 11 September 2007 | Comments

Last week, I attended dConstruct 2007 which was a web conference in Brighton. I meant to write a review of the day immediately afterwards but regular work took over. Anyway, here are a few quick thoughts on this year's dConstruct which had the theme of 'Designing the User Experience'.

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Find unused CSS selectors with a Firefox add-on

Posted in on 2 August 2007 | Comments

If you work on several websites at once (it sometime seems like I am doing this all the time) and/or if you inherit a website's CSS development, it can be tricky to keep a track of your style sheet selectors. Which selectors are used and which have become redundant?

I find it useful to delete redundant style sheet rules because this helps me work more efficiently but I usually find the redundant items by doing a sitewide search in Dreamweaver. This works fine but it can be time-consuming to do this on a large style sheet.

Now, there's a nifty Firefox add-on called Dust-Me Selectors that will quickly scan any page you browse to find unused selectors. There's also a full explanation of how Dust-Me Selectors works.

This might just become one of my 'must-have' tools. Great work from brothercake!

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Fundraising for charities

Posted in on 19 June 2007 | Comments [1]

JM Professional Fundraising We're pleased to announce the launch of a new website for JM Professional Fundraising. The website uses some of the key styling cues from existing promotional material and extends these in a modern CSS-based layout.

It's great to see a website 'completed' but, in this case, I'll be sad to see it go because the project was a pleasure to work on. Everything came together really well, from the website content to the initial layout draft, through to the final product.

Not every project is like this, of course, but I usually try and think of the reasons why a project works well in any specific instance. In this case, one key reason was that the website content was supplied as a comprehensive package by the client, this gave a full picture of what was to be included, and this made the overall layout easier to create.

d.Construct 2007

Posted in on 31 May 2007 | Comments

d.Construct 7th September Brighton Last year, I attended d.Construct 2006 in Brighton. It was a great conference and particularly convenient for me because I live in the same county. This year, d.Construct 2007 has expanded into a multi-day event with pre-conference workshops and a larger venue.

The main theme this year is user experience design which will be interesting. It's an area...

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CSS layouts for forms - tips and tricks

Posted in on 24 May 2007 | Comments

About a year ago, we replaced some webpage forms that used tables for layout with CSS-based layouts. Here's the blog post about it, CSS layouts for forms. To cut a long story short, we had some problems but eventually adapted this method to give this form.

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