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A to Z of Cascading Style Sheets

Posted on by Clive Walker in CSS Humour

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

Partly inspired by a recent article on A List Apart, here's my unofficial A to Z of CSS. Before anyone says, I actually do like working with CSS....

A is for Alternative Style Sheet.
I can use more than one style sheet if I want to.
B is for Box Model Hack.
If only browsers would play by the rules.
C is for Cascading.
There's a hierachy, don't you know.
D is for Descendant Selector.
One of those terms that makes you sound like an expert.
E is for Elastic Design Layout.
We can cope with anything that our web visitors do with their browser text size.
F is for Font Tag.
No need to use these any more.
G is for Grouping.
It's easier if you don't write the same styles out again and again.
H is for How To Clear Floats.
I never needed to do this before CSS.
I is for Inline Style.
Use this if your HTML element doesn't behave the way it should.
J is for JavaScript.
When you have finished, let's allow the user to change the CSS properties of your page.
K is for Keywords.
It's really 'old hat' to use numbers for text sizes any more.
L is for Layout.
Fixed, fluid, two column, three column. Why are things so complicated?
M is for Margin.
Move things round on your webpage really nicely.
N is for Negative Positioning.
Only to be used if you cannot get your layout to work any other way.
O is for Opposing Floats.
Nothing to do with South American carnivals but a method for moving things to left and right.
P is for Padding.
It's like a margin, but inside the box.
Q is for Questions.
You're sure to have a few after you start learning CSS.
R is for Rules.
As in 'Be Nice to Opera Rule'.
S is for Style Sheet.
Can only be created by hand coding.
T is for Table.
The old way of doing things but, in fact, quite useful for displaying data.
U is for Unordered List.
It's amazing what you can do with these.
V is for Validation.
Get one of those trendy CSS validation badges for your website.
W is for Wrapper Div.
Can't get your layout to work? You probably need this.
X is for XHTML.
X for 'xtra special HTML.
Y is for Y axis.
Use with background images.
Z is for Zen Garden.
Take a designer, give them some HTML and a stylesheet - wait for some beautiful designs.

Don't take this too seriously. It's tongue-in-cheek after all. However, you may have a better version that is inspired by your own experiences. Let's hear it.

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  • 06 Oct 2006 19:48:44

    I’ve just been checking my analytics and it looks like we’re famous in Italy. have us listed in their blog as part of a growing trend of A-Z’ers.

    More here

  • 07 Oct 2006 12:59:47

    Yes, I saw that. Fame at last eh?!

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