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Charging clients for Google Webmaster Tools

Posted on by Clive Walker in Google Search Engines

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These days, as someone who manages a variety of websites for myself and clients, I find that one of the most valuable online resources is Google Webmaster Tools. This Google service allows you to see statistics and error analysis and enables the management of Google’s indexing of your website. It also includes Sitemap submission and reporting. In my opinion, it’s pretty much essential if you want to know more about your website and how Google sees it.

In recent months, I have found myself adding more and more client websites to my Google Webmaster Tools account so that I can report back on search engine problems. I also do this for new websites so that I have an update when Google has indexed the new pages.

Of course, whilst is is not too time-consuming to do this for a single website, the time spent analysing several websites in Google Webmaster Tools does tend to add up and I am wondering whether I should start charging for this or adding it as a new service for clients. Up to now, in quite a few instances, I have included this at the start of a search engine optimisation project for free, simply because it gives me a wealth of useful information that I can base the work on. However, I am now getting to the point where I think this sort of analysis should command an additional fee.

What do you do? Do you charge for analysing client websites with your Google Webmaster Tools account?

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  • 25 Aug 2008 09:57:20

    It’s one of those things where I cannot justify the charge. Do you do one-time optimization or monthly SEO packages? If it’s the latter, include it as part of the package. If the former, I would inform the client of any warnings that may come up and if they want you to look into it you could at your hourly rate. Give them the option though.

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