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No tables layout for CVW Web Templates

Posted on by Clive Walker in CSS Ecommerce

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

Recently, we have been working on a redesign of CVW Web Templates. It’s one of our main websites and we wanted to give it a different “look” using a non-tables based layout.

We also changed from a fluid layout (100% of the browser window) to a fixed width (740px). We have tried a few fluid layouts but fluid does not always work in our eyes. So, we probably favour a defined width at the moment. It gives us a bit more “control” over positioning on the page.

The previous design was one of our first CSS-based designs, which was great – but the new version is better. There are less work-arounds required (no browser hacks were used) and the code is more streamlined (less div tags).

One of the main challenges was getting “rounded corners” to work consistently with this layout in Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox. We chose the method. We had some problems with the method in Firefox when small changes were made to paragraph styling but it’s now fixed (we think!).

We also wanted to change from Verdana/Arial font (which we have used extensively). We plumped for Georgia which is one of the other browser-safe fonts. It was time for a change. Of course, the style sheet makes this easy to change in future, if we get tired of Georgia.

To see the new look, visit CVW Web Templates

Does your site run on Perch CMS? Hire me to help. Perch CMS Development

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