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OpenStreetMap meets Sussex geeks

Posted on by Clive Walker in News

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

Last night, I attended the 8th Sussex Geek Dinner in Brighton where Mikel Maron described the OpenStreetMap project to about 20 or so geeks from Sussex.

It was an interesting discussion and the OpenStreetMap project certainly has ambitious objectives (to map the world and provide the data for free). It is intended that the UK will be completed in 2008 which will be a great start. In the UK, the main incentive is to provide an alternative to Ordnance Survey which, although excellent maps, can be expensive for commercial usage.

I also met Ian Ozsvald who described ShowMeDo which provides demonstration videos for all kinds of subjects (but mainly computer-based themes at the moment). Another interesting website. When I get some spare time, I plan to check out the Ruby and Python programming videos on the site.

The Sussex Geek Dinners have provided some great discussions in recent months and they are not as geeky as I imagined they would be before I attended (still pretty geeky if you want them to be though). The Brighton location is a good one because it ensures a 'captive audience' of geeks on the doorstep. I am looking forward to the next one already...

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  • 18 Jan 2007 15:36:50

    Hi there, good to meet you too last night. I’m always open to feedback so feel free to fire suggestions back, and if you have requests for videos then just add them to the requests page :-)

    Cheers, and see you at the next Geek Dinner,

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