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Page numbers in page titles and meta descriptions

Posted on by Clive Walker in Perch Code Snippet

I want to output page numbers (and a separator character) in the page code for paginated pages on this site. Mostly, I want to do this so that the pages have different page titles and meta descriptions. And so that I don't get page duplication or same page title/description warnings from Google in my Search Console account.

I use this PHP snippet:

<?php if(isset($_GET['page'])) echo " | page ". $_GET['page'];  //outputs page number ?>

This checks that the page number value is in the query string and outputs it and a separator " | " wherever I want.

If using Perch CMS, you can echo the page number like this:

<?php echo intval(perch_get('page')); ?>

... although this will output "0" on the very first page as well. You may not want this so you will need to check for that and amend the code accordingly.

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