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Comparing Apple Mac and Windows

Posted on by Clive Walker in News

I worked at a client’s office last week and had the opportunity to compare Windows XP with Apple Mac and, in particular, Dreamweaver on both platforms.

My main impressions were that the Apple Mac environment was a lot more ‘drag and drop’ than Windows although this might have been influenced by the person I was working with. There were some neat Apple Mac features like the Dock (taskbar) that made for very quick switching between programmes.

Dreamweaver seemed to work similarly on the Apple Mac OS (with some obvious differences in right click functionality) but the version we were using (MX 2004) had non-dockable panels which is not as user-friendly in my view. Perhaps I am missing something here, but it’s all too easy to end up with panels spread all over the desktop. I prefer to have the panels locked together.

This is not a scientific study of course. I may just have to buy a new Intel Mac to make my own in-depth comparison!

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