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Future mobile

Posted on by Clive Walker in News

Tom Hume from Future Platforms described 'The Gritty Realities of Founding a Software Company' at last night's £5App meeting in Brighton. It was an interesting story of a mobile telephone software company and included some of the mistakes that were made [not very many] and the successes achieved [lots].

The company started like lots of other companies [two people with a common idea] and has now become very successful in the mobile software development market. At one stage the company was a single person working in an attic but it now has a dozen or so staff.

At the end, Tom made a few observations that he had learnt along the way. These included 'bloodymindedness' and 'luck' as two success criteria. I don't doubt that these played a role but I reckon that skilled Java developers and hard work were probably more important.

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