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Getting started with information architecture

Posted on by Clive Walker in Books

A Practical Guide to Information Architecture If you have developed websites for some time, you have probably organised the website navigation and content as sensibly as you can for your potential website visitors and to satisfy the website's objectives. That's great but in my own experience there have also been examples where I have struggled to organise everything in a way that I was 100% happy with. That's why I decided to learn some more about Information Architecture (IA).

A Practical Guide to Information Architecture by Donna Spencer is the first book I have bought on the subject. It's a book for web developers and designers without much Information Architecture knowledge. That'll be me then.

The book is organised into five sections, each with five chapters, and it starts with a section introducing Information Architecture, moving on to sections about understanding people and content and subsequently designing IA and website navigation. So far it has been easy to read and I hope to post a review when I have finished.

Whether it's organising content, providing clear descriptions or ways for people to get to them, this book is armed with practical advice and examples.
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