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Google loses it?

Posted on by Clive Walker in Google Search Engines

Is it me or has Google 'lost it' recently? Google always prides itself on the relevance and accuracy of its search results. However, these days, Google's search results for specific keywords sometimes make no sense at all.

Recently, we have been attempting to get some back links for a client's website in order to improve search engine positions. The client is based in Sussex and the website is about 'subject x'. Although we were not involved in its creation, the website has unique page titles and all its pages are listed by Google in a site:domain name search.

Google lists one of the link 'donor' websites higher for the specific search term

Naturally, we added links to the client's website from several Sussex-based websites that we know. Result: Google lists one of the link 'donor' websites much higher than the client's website for the specific search term. Even though the 'donor' website only has the term listed in a paragraph on a links page. The 'donor' website is only related by locality. It's main subject is not 'subject x'.

Surely, this is not an accurate search result?

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