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Information is beautiful, it really is!

Posted on by Clive Walker in News

Last Friday, I attended dConstruct, which is a web design and development conference in Brighton, UK. One of the presentations that really grabbed me was Information is Beautiful by David McCandless (@mccandelish) who gave a fascinating description of ways that data can be visualised. Not just to make it look pretty in an infographical sense but also to reveal new data patterns and correlations.

The presentation featured several of the the data visualisations on David McC's website. Have a look. These examples are really excellent. In particular, Planes or Volcano and [in a lighter vein] If Twitter was 100 People.

The true beauty of these visualisations is they reveal more about the data. Fantastic work!

Book: Information is Beautiful by David McCandless · TED Presentation: The Beauty of Data Visualisation – this is another version of the presentation by David McC. It's well worth watching.

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