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Preview websites with a CSS style switcher

Posted on by Clive Walker in CSS

There are several methods available (see Sitepoint and PHP Style Switcher) where websites allow their web visitors to change website styles by clicking on a link. This is a powerful CSS method to provide an ‘alternative’ website – whether for accessibility reasons – or simply to provide a different user experience for your web visitors.

It is also useful during any website project to provide different website versions to enable the client to change colours, fonts, and layouts. This immediate visualisation can be very helpful in any draft website decisions. A CSS style switcher can be used to do this. We have used the style switcher from A List Apart.

The main work involved is to create different stylesheets but in some cases the changes between each stylesheet will be very small.

This is the method that we use to enable website clients to view alternative website ideas on-the-fly. Everybody concerned gets instant feedback. It seems to work quite well.

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