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Universal style sheet for Internet Explorer 6

Posted on by Clive Walker in CSS Typography

Andy Clarke has written an interesting blog post called Universal Internet Explorer 6 CSS where he advocates the use of a stripped down style sheet [similar to a print style sheet in some ways] that is directed at IE6 users. If you are viewing a site that uses this method with IE6, you will see a stripped down version. The main reason for doing this is so that you do not “waste hours in time and a client's money on lengthy workarounds in an unnecessary attempt at cross-browser perfection". As we all know, IE6 is an ancient browser in today's terms. Therefore, why waste time on this. Let's just supply a default style sheet with great typography and be done with it!

I agree and disagree on this. Sitting on the fence or what!? On the one hand, I agree that wasting hours on IE6 is not so useful. However, I doubt if most of my clients would be too happy with the Universal Internet Explorer 6 CSS method if their web visitor statistics show a significant number of people with IE6. The other argument that I want to put forward is that if your website is relatively simple, you may not be spending too much time on IE6 and its foibles in any case. I know I don't. That's just my approach I guess.

Still, the Universal Internet Explorer 6 CSS method is worth considering in some cases and will work well for some people I'm sure.

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