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Web Standards Group meeting report

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Standards

I attended the WSG London meeting a few days ago. There were two entertaining presentations by Andy Budd and Christian Heilmann.

In particular, Andy Budd’s talk was rather provocatively titled ‘Who cares about standards’ and one of its themes was that the web standards ‘war’ is over. Personally, I’m not sure, based on the number of websites I see with poor, non-validated code. Still, perhaps the standard is higher than a few years ago?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting on my ‘high horse’ about this. Pragmatism is my middle name after all! It’s pointless to say that every website must achieve a ‘gold web standards award’. It’s just that, when you see a large company with many resources publishing a very poorly coded website, it seems that there’s not much progress.

There’s a summary of the meeting on the Muffin Research Labs website. Thanks to Stuart Colville for organising the meet.

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