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Web standards in a nutshell

Posted on by Clive Walker in CSS Web Standards

Natalie Jost has published a neat diagram showing web standards in a nutshell. I'd never really thought about the separation of content from presentation from behaviour in a pictorial or diagrammatic form before – but this is a neat way of showing it!

Of course, the average website business owner might see this and not understand it or not know what it may mean for his business. However, it makes good business sense to use web standards. Why?

It makes your website more accessible and this means potentially more visitors. Search engine performance can be enhanced using a web standards approach compared to a non-web standards-based layout which means more visitors. Do you see the common theme here?

Most website business owners will be persuaded if it means more visitors (= potential customers).

Update Spetember 2012: The link to the diagram is not available any more. Sorry.

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