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The La La Card Company website

Posted on by Clive Walker in Ecommerce Portfolio

Here's a little plug for an ecommerce website that we launched recently. The La La Card Company sells decoupage card kits, single card kits and other card-making items for download.

La La Card Company website screenshot

The design was created from Photoshop images provided by the client and we used SugarSync to share a folder between us. SugarSync is a back-up and synchonisation tool but you can also use it to share folders with someone else. It worked really well.

For this project, we built a demo product listing page on a testing server so that the client could see how the product might be displayed. This work was paid for by the client but it served to highlight a number of issues that were addressed in the website itself. I will probably do this with other clients if there are questions that cannot be answered before an ecommerce project starts.

Now that the The La La Card Company has been launched, we may not be doing as much work with it but I think it's important to say that an ecommerce website (or any website for that matter) is never actually finished. There are always items that can be added or pages to be tweaked and the shop software can be updated. In fact, most websites would benefit from a continual programme of improvements but often this is not done. If you are a small business with a website that has been static (ahem) for a while, I would urge you to consider allocating someone from your company to update the website or get someone on board to carry out a maintenance programme even if it's only for an hour or two every month. After all, you wouldn't ignore other parts of your business would you?

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  • Jacqui Dowsey-Magog:

    11 May 2016 11:57:02

    Hi Has the La La Card Co gone in to liquidation

  • 12 May 2016 07:06:54

    Not as far as I know but some of their site is offline at the moment. Please contact them using the contact details on their site’s holding page.

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