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Twitter - what's it all about?

Posted on by Clive Walker in Website Review Twitter

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

Twitter is a website that has received quite a buzz. However, I must admit that it is not something that immediately says to me 'I must join'.

Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends.

Hmmmm. Sounds like the potential for a lot of trivia. More excuses for text messaging. I guess it depends on what type of person you are. For me, I think I have enough to do without texting 'Off to the shops now'.

Perhaps I am not seeing the full picture here. I'm always a bit of a 'late adopter' though.


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  • 06 Mar 2007 12:38:36

    I have to agree. There’s been so much buzz about Twitter on various blogs, but I’ve not been the slightest bit inclined to join in/spend time on it if it’s “just about texting people” – can’t really see what the big deal is about this site?

  • 06 Mar 2007 15:13:08

    Twitter has its enthusiasts and it’s apparently very addictive but it still doesn’t do it for me.

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