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I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

The Art and Science of CSSI am reading two excellent books at the moment. Firstly, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird and secondly The Art and Science of CSS by Cameron Adams, Jina Bolton et al. I have only completed a few chapters so far but both books have nice layouts and seem easy to read.

For comparison, I pulled a copy of the first edition of Build Your Own Database Driven Website by Kevin Yank from my bookshelf. This was the first Sitepoint book that I bought and it's fair to say that the design and layout of the two recent books is a vast improvement. I still learnt a lot about PHP and MySQL from the Kevin Yank book though.

Principles of Beautiful Web DesignOne good thing about both books is that the publisher Sitepoint provides a sample chapter for download before you buy. This is a great idea ... and I'm sure it helps sales. I was persuaded by the Art and Science download because it has a detailed explanation of CSS layouts for forms.

Better get back to reading. I hope to post a full review of both books when I have finished.

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