• Why I'm using SVG images instead of icon fonts

    I'm converting a few of my sites to use SVG images instead of icon fonts and here are the reasons.

    1. How to show related posts with Perch blog

      I wanted to show related posts on this site and for posts in the News section of my CVW Web Design site. For example, the What is my USP post displays two related articles in the sidebar. And the post you are reading now displays two related posts in the Perch category in the sidebar. Here's how I have done that with Perch blog.

    2. Grouping blog posts by year with Perch

      I wanted to list my blog posts according to the year of publication. The page would have headings for each year with a list of posts underneath. This is what I've done to achieve that using Perch CMS and its Blog app.

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    3. Upgrading from Perch to Perch Runway

      I've converted my CVW Web Design site from Perch to Perch Runway. The process takes a bit of time but is straightforward and I didn't have any major problems. Here's a description of what I did.

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    4. A few thoughts on Responsive Day Out 3

      A few days ago, I visited sunny Brighton for Responsive Day Out 3 (subtitled The Final Breakpoint) which was the last of the Responsive Day Out one day conferences, organised by Jeremy Keith (and Clearleft). Nominally, the overarching subject of the day was responsive web design (RWD) (but more about that later).

      If you don't know, the conferences are more informal than some others. Yes, there were tickets (a very reasonable £80) but there were no name badges or any other conference trappings. Just turn up, give your name, take a sticker (for getting into the venue) and that's all. Here are a few of my thoughts about the day.

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    5. Choosing a WordPress theme for the Genesis framework

      I've been checking out WordPress themes as starting points for my web design and development projects. I've written about why I want to work with WordPress and with Perch CMS and, as part of that, I need to be able to offer a WordPress theme customisation service for projects that fit my requirements for WordPress.

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    6. Working with Perch categories

      Horsham Pub Guide has been recoded so that it make better use of Perch CMS. As part of that work, I've added pub categories and this post explains what I've done.

    7. Creating Google sitemaps with Perch

      I've been using a third-party service for generating a search engine (Google) sitemap file for some of my Perch sites. It works well but it's not as convenient as having your own method. So, I'm now creating Google sitemaps for Perch sites with a new method.

    8. Choosing WordPress or Perch. Or Both?!

      I wrote this post before Christmas where I discussed some potential decisions about the focus of my business. In particular, whether I should focus on a single content management system, WordPress or Perch, for web development. Well, I've decided to continue to use both! Here's why.

    9. Decisions, decisions...

      I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about my freelance business over the course of the year. As we approach 2015, it seems like a good time to make a decision…. or, at least, write a blog post!

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