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Flowplayer for playing Flash video

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Design JavaScript

If you want to embed Flash video on your website, you could do a lot worse than use Flowplayer which is an open source Flash player. The set-up process is really easy and there are lots of demos with code on the Flowplayer website. The player has many configuration options including the use of a preview image for your Flash video but the basic set-up only takes a minute or two. Excellent!

  • Update: Another review of Flowplayer on Boagworld.
  • Related: JW Player is another Flash player option but it's not free and you'll need to buy the commercial version if you want to use this for client websites.

Info: Like other methods, for example swfobject, Flowplayer uses a JavaScript file so it is best to show a message, using a <noscript> tag, for users who may have JavaScript disabled.

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