Starting a coworking group

Posted in on 30 August 2012 | Comments

This year, I’ve started a local co-working group in Horsham. It’s always a good idea to regularly review an initiative like this. How is it going? The pros and cons. How do I develop it further? I’ve been thinking about these recently so this post is a good opportunity to summarise and assess progress.

Firstly, a little back story…

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Things may look a bit strange round here...

Posted in on 27 August 2012 | Comments [3]

With the release of Textpattern 4.5.0 I’m taking the opportunity to update and modernise this site, both on the admin side and the design/build of the site itself. I may well ‘start again’ with Phil Wareham’s new default theme.

While I expect this to go reasonably smoothly, there may be a few glitches over coming days. Bear with me, but if you see anything that isn’t working, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Update: I’ve decided to improve the site step-by-step rather than with a ‘big bang’ approach. Hopefully, less disruption that way ;-)

A personal project

Posted in on 11 August 2012 | Comments

I like to run a few personal websites and really enjoy writing articles for these. The articles are not about web-related technical stuff but describe things I get up to in my spare time. I guess this is a bit of a ‘diversion’ for me and one way to get away from my 9-to-5 job as a freelance web developer/designer.

One of these websites is Clive Goes Cycling

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What do you do with old websites and domains?

Posted in on 8 July 2012 | Comments

I’ve bought quite a few domain names in the last ten years and also created websites on many of them. Some of these have been personal projects where I had an idea for making millions on the Internet (like we all have) but, no surprise, they failed in that respect. I’ve made some pocket money with Google Adsense on a few of them so that’s been good but I won’t be retiring from my day job as a web designer/developer any time soon.

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Making it easy to read more

Posted in on 13 June 2012 | Comments

One thing that I’ve found difficult recently is reading interesting articles outside of my usual working hours. So, I’ve been looking round for apps/websites that would make reading easier for me. That’s when I discovered Readability which is a website that makes it easy to convert any web page into a clean, distraction-free, reading view. You can also save articles for later with a browser plug-in and sync the reading list across all of your devices. It works great!