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An evening out with Points Brighton

Posted in on 17 October 2011 | Comments

Points I’ve been to a few web conferences over the last 3-4 years and they’re great. You get to see some famous web folks and hear their presentations in large venues and meet with other designers and developers. At the same time, with conferences averaging 500 or more attendees, it’s sometimes easy to feel a little ‘lost’ at such events. For that reason, I also like to attend some informal, more grassroots-style, local events as well. Last Thursday evening, I went to the first Points Brighton event and here’s my short review of the meeting.

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My top five reasons for using Perch as a CMS

Posted in on 30 September 2011 | Comments [1]

In 2009, I described the (then) recently launched Perch content management system in this post. Since that time, I’ve used it on 6-7 sites so I thought I’d share why I like it.

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Quick tip: Making jQuery tabbed content available for users without JavaScript

Posted in on 29 August 2011 | Comments [1]

Most users have JavaScript enabled these days but there may be a small fraction of your website visitors that have JavaScript turned off. In these circumstances, it’s generally accepted good practice to make sure that your website content is available to those users without JavaScript.

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Just a few things I've seen recently

Posted in on 3 August 2011 | Comments [1]

I’ve been really busy with client work recently but I have managed to set aside some time every day for reading and browsing. Here are some some interesting links I’ve seen in my web travels:

  • There are some great examples cited in 22 Examples of Fixed Position Navigation in Web Design. I’ve been thinking about fixed position elements for a redesign of CVW Web Design recently and I think this article has finally convinced me.
  • The Expressive Web is a show case of CSS3 and HTML5 features from Adobe. The site looks great and is quite interactive with a useful browser support summary at the bottom of each page/feature.
  • CSS Wizardry aka Harry Roberts posted a useful tip about Borders on Responsive Images. Nice one!
  • CSS buttons are more and more popular and CSS3 Buttons highlights a few examples. You just wouldn’t think that no images were used here!
  • There are some beautiful web design examples given in Phil Matthews’ Web Design Inspiration #3

That’s all for now.

Allen Watson website redesign

Posted in on 8 July 2011 | Comments

There’s no such thing as a completed website because any website should be developed continuously. However, it has been good to ‘finish’ and launch two website projects over recent weeks. Here’s the first of those.

Allen Watson asked CVW Web Design to redesign and modernise their website and base the design on other marketing materials (for example, a CD featuring 3D animations of their drilling techniques).

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