Using microformats and hCard

Posted in on 15 September 2006

After seeing microformats described with some passion by Jeremy Keith during the lunchbreak at d.Construct 2006 last week, I decided to add a simple hCard microformat to a couple of websites where it seeemed appropriate (this one included). I started with hCard creator and modified the resulting code accordingly to create an HTML snippet that I could use. A simple copy and paste and some stylesheet changes and I was done.

Microformats logoAfter doing this, I wondered whether I should validate my work. The Tails extension for Firefox detects a webpage containing a microformat by lighting up a microformat logo in the status bar. I'm not sure if this is 100% foolproof but I came away with a warm fuzzy feeling after seeing my newly microformatted web page. Yay!

Overall, my simple little example wasn't too scary. In future, I'll be keeping a watch for examples where microformats have been used, in particular to transfer data between websites.

PS Jon Hicks has published a nifty CSS method that highlights a webpage microformat for Safari and other Mac-based browsers.

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