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Decisions, decisions...

Posted on by Clive Walker in Freelancing Personal

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I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about my freelance business over the course of the year. As we approach 2015, it seems like a good time to make a decision…. or, at least, write a blog post!

One thing that I’ve been pondering is whether to completely change the focus of the business from web design to web development. This reflects what I do most of the time anyway. Front end development. Yet, most of my target market (small- to medium-sized business in the UK) don’t know the difference and “web design” covers pretty much everything related to websites. As a result, I’m less likely to make this change although it could conceivably push me into a different market (for example, agencies).

Another change that I’m considering is whether to specialise and focus on a single content management system (CMS). This could lead to more web development work with that system… and would apply to new web design projects as well. Currently, I work with WordPress and Perch. For new website projects, I choose one or other depending on requirements and budget.

I enjoy working with WordPress and with Perch. There’s a lot of work in the WordPress arena because of its popularity. Yet, Perch makes a lot of sense and it seems more “in tune” with how my brain works.

Much of the WordPress work that I do is theme customisation whereas Perch is a bit more “custom-build”. I think this reflects the market I’m in (where WordPress themes are everywhere) and/or how I promote myself. Perhaps I’m in the wrong market. I don’t know.

In case you were wondering, my choice would be Perch although I’m a bit conflicted on this!

Both decisions will affect how I do things in 2015. I have some thinking to do over the Christmas break!

I’d love to hear your comments if you have done something similar.

Does your site run on Perch CMS? Hire me to help. Perch CMS Development


  • 12 Dec 2014 14:53:41

    What’s wrong with where you are now?

    If “web design” using WordPress and Perch satisfies all your needs, there’d be no reason to change the formula.

    In other words, what’s causing you to reconsider things? Is it a need for higher-earning work? More work? Is it boredom? Is it a desire to build a greater reputation?

  • 12 Dec 2014 15:01:50

    Nothing inherently “wrong” with current situation. But I think there are aspects of all the reasons in your last paragraph in my thinking.

    I’ve not decided one way or another yet.

  • 02 Feb 2015 11:10:49


    Did you make a decision on what you’re going to do in 2015, seems like a few people have been making changes to how they work in 2015.


  • 02 Feb 2015 12:35:23

    @Stephen: I’ve decided to continue with WordPress and Perch. I like both systems and there are good reasons for continuing with both. In particular, WordPress is very popular and I get lots of enquiries and work with it. However, I also want to do more work with Perch so I’ll be pushing that as well.

    One other decision: I have decided to focus on a specific WordPress framework. That’s StudioPress and their Genesis framework. By focusing on this, I’m hoping to be more efficient with the WordPress work I do.

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