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I've started a new business. Changing things round here.

Posted on by Clive Walker in Freelancing Personal

I've started a new business which has meant a period of re-adjustment for me. It's all good but I'm having to balance my 'day job' (web developer) with my new business (running a coworking space in Horsham).

So, I'm re-assessing what I do and which jobs or projects I will take on.

As a result, I'm also using this opportunity to try and change direction slightly. I'll be trying to move more towards Perch CMS work and away from WordPress work. I'm not intending to stop working with WordPress but I want to re-adjust my work balance between the two.

This means I may be working more with Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks. And with themes/designs made with these systems.

Anyway, it's an exciting time at the moment. Lots to do with the new business and with the 'old' business!

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