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Box-shadow for Internet Explorer

Posted on by Clive Walker in Quick Tips CSS3

Box-shadow is a great CSS3 property that allows you to add a subtle (or not) shadow on an element. I wrote a post called CSS3 box-shadow and image hover effects and since then I've been using box-shadow more.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of using box-shadow is that it's not supported by Internet Explorer 8 and below. If you are happy to give your users something that looks different in IE8, that's all well and good – but sometimes I just want to give IE users a closely similar design. In this case, that's where this IE filter for box-shadow might be useful. This gives an approximation of box shadow for IE users. It might not be the closest approximation in all cases but I've found it useful in a website redesign recently.

Additionally, there's this method for box-shadow with IE and this might be better for you. Either method is worth exploring if you want to give IE8 users a box-shadow experience.

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