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Create your own iPhone app quickly and easily

Posted on by Clive Walker in News Web Development

The growth of the iPhone app store and market has been phenomenal in recent years. Many websites and blogs have developed their own iPhone applications as a way of promoting their brand. One recent example of this was the Guardian newspaper in the UK with its own Guardian iPhone app. Quite a smart way of leveraging the newspaper's online content I think.

Up to now, you needed to have some development experience and you had to navigate your way through the Apple app development process before creating and (possibly) selling your app. However, AppMakr is a new website that promises to make iPhone app development easy, fast, and inexpensive. If you have website content and an RSS feed, AppMakr makes it straightforward to create an iPhone app for a low price (from $199). I viewed their demo movie and it all looks very easy!

This is one of those (rare) websites that has really made me sit up and say Wow!

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