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How to choose a web design company

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Design

The first question that people who are seeking a website for their business often ask us is, how much will it cost? That's always a question that you should ask but is it the only question? We think not.

The decision to hire a company to design a website should be based on a number of other questions as well. For example…

  • Do you like the company's work?
  • Do they seem competent and friendly?
  • Do they seem the right type of company?

The last one may need some explanation. We know that our most successful websites are those where both companies feel comfortable with the collaboration. In our experience this is more likely when the companies have a similar business perspective.

After all, you may not want to hire a West End design house if you are a small business based in Sussex. That's where CVW Web Design fits in.

After that, a price estimate may be the next question to ask…

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