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It's been a busy week...

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Development

Things are real busy here at CVW Towers. I have several website projects [in varying degrees of completion] that need my attention, I visited a government-based UK agency on Tuesday to discuss a website project [it looks like I have the job, yay..] and, to top it all off, at least two clients who I had 'given up' came back to me with information for their new websites. It never rains but it pours .... or something like that.

In situations like these, I try and stop flitting from project to project. Instead, I turn off email and concentrate on a single project for several hours. This means that I can get a chunk of work done and, psychologically at least, it persudes me that I am making progress.

I don't know if this is the best way of dealing with work overload but it works for me.


  • 07 Mar 2008 17:44:12

    I guess you reap what you sow. Sounds like by providing a good quality of service people are appreciating it and returning to you.

    Good luck on the new Gov project as well.


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