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Learning new things for 2012

Posted on by Clive Walker in Personal 12412

The last few months have been pretty busy round here with client work so it has been tough to set aside any time for learning new things. For example, I'd like to spend some hours learning more about responsive web design grids like Skeleton, writing an app that uses the Perch API, or even increasing the range of CSS selectors and properties I use.

Learning about new things was what dragged me into web design and development in the first place. Well, that and the lure of Internet fame and fortune ;-).

So, with an objective to have more personal development time in 2012, I've signed up for 12412 which I hope will provide peer pressure and/or motivation for me to look into some web design and development subjects that I would otherwise not find time for. Why not sign up yourself?!

And, of course, it will provide a few subjects for me to write about here as well….

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