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Please start from the beginning....

Posted on by Clive Walker in News Web Design

Ryan Taylor has been producing a series of video interviews with famous web folks for a few months. The series is called Please Start from the Beginning and each interview includes a set of questions. For example, what was your first job? How did you get into the web industry? The videos also have a window-within-window format which feels quite personal and is not something I have seen before.

I have watched a few of the interviews recently [for example, with Simon Collison] and I really like the format. The interviews put a more human face on people who I have seen on Twitter, at conferences, in blog posts, and around the web. It's not that these well-known people are somehow impersonal in their other activities but unless you know them, have chatted in person, or otherwise interacted on a regular basis, it's difficult to know if they are funny, serious, or whatever. The Please Start from the Beginning video interviews give a better insight into each person, personally and professionally.

Why not watch a few of the interviews when you have a spare moment? I hope to catch up with some of the previous interviews over the next few weeks.

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