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Sussex geeks and Plone

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Development

Last night I attended the sixth Sussex Geek Dinner (in fact, more of a buffet this time) in Brighton to meet a few fellow techie/geek types and hear an interesting and knowledgeable presentation by Tristan Roddis about the open source content management system (CMS) called Plone. Actually, calling Plone a CMS sells it a bit short. It's really a full web development system built on the Zope application server.

The venue for the event was the Black Horse in Brighton which made it difficult for Tristan to give a laptop/projection presentation. Rather inconveniently, the pub had pictures covering its walls. Instead, the talk used an analogue 'device' called a 'flipchart' with a manual fade and slide change effect ;-)

Tristan made a good case for using Plone. If you have a dedicated server and need an open source web development environment, Plone may be what you need.

As usual, many thanks to organiser Simon Harriyott.

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