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Simply JavaScript reviewed

Posted on by Clive Walker in Books JavaScript

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

Simply JavaScript I am reading Simply JavaScript by Kevin Yank and Cameron Adams at the moment. It's a beginner-to-intermediate book for anyone who has a good understanding of HTML and CSS but who may need to beef up their JavaScript knowledge. I know most of the key concepts (I think) but I am using the book to reinforce a few things and to expand my JavaScript knowledge.

I said that the book is beginner-to-intermediate but it gets through the basics quite quickly and you're soon reading about animation with JavaScript and other quite detailed topics. However, I have found the book easy to read and there is a full code archive available for download.

Not another JavaScript library?

Many of the examples in the book use a JavaScript file that contains a small library of common methods. This Core JavaScript library is not really intended to compete with other JavaScript libraries but is rather intended to help learn JavaScript. A commendable ambition although with any library like this there is a temptation for the student to take things for granted. However, I have found that studying the Core examples closely is beneficial for developing a better understanding.

I think this book is a good companion to DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith (reviewed here). They both emphasize best practices like unobtrusive scripting and progressive enhancement. The intended audience is also the same.

Enjoying it

Overall, I am enjoying the book so far and I have learnt some things that I may have conveniently skipped over in the past.

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