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Tails you win....

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Development

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

Dan Glegg gave a great presentation at the third £5 App meeting where he described the process of developing Tails, which is a collaborative bug tracking web application for teams of web developers, web designers, cooks (yes, really) and.... in fact, any group that collaborates on a project could use this application.

At the moment, Tails is in final beta mode but the presentation described the work involved and some of the mistakes that were made. In fact, the biggest 'mistake', which was a more rapid take-up of beta testers than predicted, seemed to me to be hardly a mistake at all but a great success!

Bugtracking applications have become hellishly complicated. So complicated, and so frustrating to use, that we set out to do the job ourselves. Introducing Tails. It's light, attractive and has just what you need to keep track of issues in your software. Without the fluff.

Dan also gave a demo of the application which has a nice and simple, easy to use interface. Oh, and he announced the launch next week as well! It just goes to show what can be achieved by a small development team.

After Dan's talk, there were three pitches for web applications. Firstly, Neil discussed an idea for a Brighton artist's community website. In this case, the idea is that APIs would pull information and data from other web sources. Secondly, Stuart described a potential search engine application that would search for pirated images, videos, and other media files, using file size as a key filter.

Finally, Danny described StripMe which has rapidly moved from an idea to an online application in a few days with only a few hours work by Dave Stone. StripMe removes whitespace and comments from CSS files. Great work!

After the presentations, I talked with Dave about Joard, which is a jobs board for web-based communities.

There were the usual beers, cake and fine art at the meeting (this time, the venue was also being used for an art exhibition). Somehow, the paintings seemed to complement the under-restoration Regency town house vibe quite well. I think I am learning about art as well as web applications at these meetings!

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