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Textpattern for all sorts of websites

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I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

If you have used Textpattern to build a website or blog, you'll likely know that it is a fine tool for the job. At least, I think so. However, one of the criticisms I have heard is that Textpattern is for blogs and non-blog websites 'need something else'. In fact, Textpattern can be used to build a wide variety of websites. It's quite easy to create a 'single article' page with Textpattern and there's even instructions to help you. Effectively, this makes the website a 'normal' website - not a blog.

Textpattern's customisability is demonstrated by, which is is a website by Sam Brown that showcases Textpattern-built websites. There are some great designs here. Admitttedly, a lot of them are blogs but many are not.

If you want to learn more about Textpattern, check out the parent website. There's plenty of help available if you need it.

Update: Natalie Jost has published a good comparision of Textpattern with Wordpress.

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  • 14 Mar 2008 09:24:33

    Thanks for the heads up here. I’ll be taking a look to see what’s achievable with this particular tool (one I’d always assumed was only useful for building blog platforms).

  • 14 Mar 2008 09:44:17

    Very interesting, this is the first time I have come across ‘Textpattern’. Nice, I like the concept, freeware too, a bit like Wordpress I guess.

  • 15 Mar 2008 09:16:39

    @Nick. I have previously compared Textpattern with Wordpress and here is another comparison of Txp with WP by Natalie Jost.

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