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Changing from Textpattern to Wordpress?

Posted on by Clive Walker in WordPress Textpattern

I have run this blog for a few years now with Textpattern as the content management system (CMS). I’m pretty happy with it but I am wondering if I might be better off changing to Wordpress.

There seems to be a whole lot going on with Wordpress themes at the moment and the WP community seems pretty active. Textpattern is a great CMS, and I like the uncluttered way it just let me get on with the job, but development progress sometimes seems slow. I know that a lot of hard work has gone into Textpattern but I wonder if I should be trying something different myself.

One of the disadvantages of moving would be a big upheaval of the blog and a potential disruption of URLs and other search engine problems. On the other hand, a new system could provide fresh impetus to write more. It’s a tough call.

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