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Windows Live Writer with Textpattern

Posted on by Clive Walker in Web Development Textpattern

I wrote this post a while back. The content can still be relevant but the information I've linked to may not be available.

I like Textpattern as a blogging tool myself but it's not so great for clients who want to use it to update their own websites. The main reason is that Textile (even though it's a simple way of manipulating text), which is the editing 'tool' in Textpattern, is not familiar to many non-techie people. What they want is a familiar (dare I say it) word processor-type interface.

At the same time, I want their websites to be standards-compliant and follow the same coding standards as Textpattern. These two (apparently) simple things are often not achievable.

The other thing that I would find useful is the ability to 'blog this' from an RSS item in FeedDemon. Now that would be great.

After reading this post from Nick Bradbury about posting to Windows Live Writer from FeedDemon, it seems like Windows Live Writer might be what I need.

I'll report back in a few days…

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  • 13 Sep 2006 14:47:52

    Windows Live Writer is nice. Too bad it doesn’t support Textpattern.

  • 13 Sep 2006 15:04:08

    Jason. I am using Live Writer with Textpattern. I followed the instructions here.
    If you use a custom Movable Type API during the Live Writer blog set-up, it should recognise your Textpattern blog. It worked for me.
    Live Writer seems a very nice tool. The only downside is that Live Writer does not produce XHTML code (which Textpattern does). This may not be important to you because your Txp blog may still look OK. However, as a web developer, it’s something I would like.

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